Al Asar Events Services Co President’s Message

President’s Message

President's Message

Our paradigm is Service to Humanity for seeking pleasure of Creator of humanity. The paradigm states that this activity is an obligation not a mere volunteerism. We believe in service without discrimination of color, region, nationality or ethic.
The paradigm in which we look at our work has a paramount effect on actual performance of our activities. If we believe that our activities are a volunteer activity to be adopted by a person or a group for the sake of our business means that we are free whether to work for the people in the world.

We are free, when to work and when to abandon the activity. It is our will to serve or refuse to serve. In such a case no force other than our mood or willingness is behind us to move for our business work. We are not depended from politic; we have a goal to rebuild our beloved land.

Another paradigm is believing that we are duty bound to spare some time and money for the benefit of others will, we have a great driving force for this activity. If we believe that we are depended and answerable to someone even for our work and activities will change the whole scenario. This is the reason that our team works volunteer and are ready all the times to work with us for a better’s futures.